Kimiko Murakami, Japan.

The reason why I became a volunteer in Leadership, Karakol , Kyrgyzstan
I joined Leadership as a long term volunteers for six months. In the future, I would like to be a bridge between Japan and different countries by making opportunities for many people to know other cultures. When I was an university student, I helped foreign students to study Japanese as a volunteer. Between countries, sometimes we have problems but I remember that they enjoyed learning Japanese language and cultures. At that time, I thought learning other cultures is connected to the peace between countries. Since then, I wanted to make opportunities for many people to know other cultures, for example, organizing international meetings, classes for learning other cultures and so on. Therefore I'm interested in organizing some activities, and also I'm interested in Kyrgyz culture. That's why I decided to join Leadership.
The first activity which I participated in was "Tom Sawyer Fest". During two weeks, we renovated old historical building. It was amazing time for me. I was honor to participate in this activity. Because preserving old building is connected with preserving culture not only of this region but also this country. I met many local people and people from other countries. We spent two weeks together, it was good opportunity to share own cultures and ideas.

I also organized English and Japanese class every weeks. It is my first experience to teach language, so at first, I didn't know how should I teach. But I thought that when we study languages, the most important thing is enjoying. So I try to prepare games, introduce my Japanese culture. Fortunately, my students tries to study hard and they are interested in Japanese language and culture. These things motivate me to teach language.
And now, I learn Kyrgyz and Russian language from Leadership members. When I came here, I couldn't understand what local people say at all. But thanks to my colleagues, nowadays my Kyrgyz and Russian are gradually improving. I really enjoy communicating with my friends, colleagues, host family. And also I enjoy shopping, because it's good practice to listening numbers(it's difficult for me to remember numbers in Kyrgyz and Russian language) and speaking with local people in bazaar.

In this six months, I would like to meet many people, connect with them, learn new things. And also I would like many people to know about Japan. I'll do my best in my work at Leadership.

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